A day in the life of an Event Co-ordinator

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Guest blog today from our very own Sophie Greatbanks, event co-ordinator extraordinaire! Approached by the Alumni of her University who wanted to write a Case Study on her, based on the success she’s achieved since completing her degree in Photography and Events at the University of Chester. Her ‘Day in the Life Of’  gives  great  insight into the world of events,  so we thought we’d nab it for ourselves. Well done Soph!

07:45 – Every other morning starts at the gym. As an event co-ordinator, we tend to overindulge with food due to big breakfasts’, unpredictable eating hours and eating out with clients and suppliers, so trying to behave on the run-up is important to me.

09:00 – Start of the working day. There are 10 employees at M&P – 7 of those are very vocal, strong-minded women, so when we’re all in the office it can be very loud! Every Monday morning involves catching up with everyone’s weekends or laughing about Friday’s after work drinks.

10:00 – Every Monday we have a meeting to discuss each event’s progress, the team’s location for the next two weeks and any other business. Recently, the whole team was filmed as part of a marketing campaign, so watching the edits come together has made our Monday Mornings very fun!

11:00 – Today will be spent focusing on our biggest conference of the year for our client, Dunelm. Last years theme of Space, lent itself very well to  a performance from Britain’s Got Talent’s, Storm Troopers, which had delegates in a frenzy. So beating last years dinner entertainment and energiser is proving difficult. I spent the hour researching and contacting agents about suitable performers who might fit the bill.

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12:00 – Lunch time! Lunch today was spent in town buying multiple birthday cards for people in the office. We share an office with a Creative Design Agency so Colin the Caterpillar is a regular visitor at the office (yet another reason to regularly go to the gym)!

13:30 – This year, I am “Accommodation Guru” for the Dunelm conference, which means managing 600 delegates’ hotel rooms and the rooms for our crew onsite. I chased one of our hotels for the last remaining contract and created a spreadsheet that I will work from to ensure everyone has a room.

14:00 – Another one of many jobs within my role is to collect the M&P staff receipts to reconcile their credit card statements before passing on to our accountant. This probably sounds much easier than it is, as many think it’s hilarious to lose their receipts!!

15:45 – Arranging for speakers to present at our conferences is another of my jobs so I spent some time on the phone to an agent discussing availability and fees of various candidates. We found a winner, so I asked the agent to keep the date pencilled in while I wait for budget sign-off from the client.

17:00 – Home time! When the office is quite quiet I try to leave as close to 5pm as possible. When it’s gets closer to a big event like Dunelm you can find yourself being in the office from 8am until 7pm (if you’re lucky!), so I like to make the most of it.