Delivering Warmth

Customer Experience was the overarching theme at the most recent Baxi Heating’s Management Conference last week. Knowing the company as we do, we are aware how seriously they take their customer’s needs and how they pride themselves on providing fantastic customer service. And it showed in every aspect of the latest event; the content and production both designed to encourage ‘Delivering Warmth’.

We make no bones about the fact that we love Baxi Heating as a client, most simply because they are really nice people. Exactly the type of client we love to work with!

Interestingly enough, our own customer service became topic of conversation throughout this event and we are pleased to say that our praises were certainly sung. Like Baxi Heating, we too pride ourselves on delivering a fantastic customer experience and don’t rest until we know our client is as happy as can be.

It is no great coincidence that both Baxi Heating and M&P have values that reflect each other and even less of a coincidence that we have such a great working relationship. Each company has a set of values and principles inherent in company culture, each based on decent human ethics. Respectively reflective of Baxi Heating CEO, David Pinder’s personal values, and our very own Jon Kelly’s set of intrinsic beliefs.

The trickle-down effect is quite significant within each company whereby strong and respectable leaders inspire a strong and respectable workforce. Moreover, they inspire a workforce who care, as they themselves do. ‘Leadership is action, not position’ as they say and both David and Jon are testament to that.

As a result, we no longer feel like one of Baxi Heating’s suppliers, but an extension of their team. So by the end of the Gala Dinner, as is the tradition at this event, the M&P team were showing Baxi Heating a thing or two on the dance floor before finally retiring to leave the delegates to celebrate their fantastic company achievements together.

Of course we didn’t disappear before a drink at the bar with David and his gang before bed. The round was on them, of course!