Congratulations Clever Clogs!

The team is the backbone of this company. Although I gave Meet & Potato it’s name, it’s them that give it it’s nature.

Because of the faith I have in them, I like to support the team wherever possible, both professionally and personally. It’s important to me that they’re always feeling their best, and that they’re as interested, stimulated and inspired as they can be, so that they perform to their best too – both in and out of work.

There is definitely a Meet & Potato type here: fun, good humoured, honest and extremely hard-working. A combination that has stood M&P in good stead so far, and for which I’m grateful and proud. We know a good egg when we see one and like to keep tight hold of it.

With that in mind, we approached one of our former ‘runners’ Greg Magill, who was studying for his degree in Event Management, to see if he wanted to join our team part-time whilst continuing his studies. After a working foray in Italy, living a busy life of antipasti and aperitivos, Greg finally returned home to settle down. There comes a time for us all.

I am very proud of the graft that he puts in to both his studies and his professional work, and am so grateful that his wanting to put down some roots coincided with us having a vacant spot in the office. He provides a sense of calm, composure and stability within our team, which, within a group of strong-minded women who are collectively a force to be reckoned with, is a much needed character trait. He chooses his battles wisely shall we say…

His steadfast style has most definitely paid off, earning him a first degree honours which he received just last week. It has taken guts, willpower, dedication and commitment to get to where he is today – juggling both undergraduate studies and a role in a busy events agency is not for the faint hearted. Proud doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel about him.

Well done Greg, you have got exactly what you deserve and the team and I know that there are great things ahead for you. And we’re delighted you’ve chosen to spend this part of your journey with us!

Jon. Xx