It’s Time to Talk

Today we are talking mental health.

Conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety (to name a very small few) are now up for public discussion, and not a second too soon. Therapists are no longer thought of as wacky witch doctors or an American cliché; and medication is decreasingly thought of as weakness, failure or placebo pills for ‘moaners’.

And these conditions can affect us all! Given that Event Co-ordinator was ranked the fifth most stressful job in 2016 according to Event Magazine (and don’t we know it!), we feel it’s about time we blogged about this subject, which is close to our hearts.

Deadlines, time constraints, financial pressures, people (client) pleasing and simply trying to cram too much into our already busy lives, are very much characteristic of the events industry. Due to these demands, not to mention those outside of our professional lives, a great many of us are, have been or will suffer at some point throughout our career.

And unlike in other industries, you do not have to be on a hefty wage to feel the pressure in events, as from entry level to senior management, the job, though fun, rewarding and satisfying in so many ways, is also seriously stressful. Consequently, we run the risk of losing a wealth of experience and skill as despite how beloved the job is to so many of us, it’s not always sustainable due to the pressures entailed.

We hope that given the heightened attention on mental health, industry leaders are starting to think seriously about how to tackle the levels of stress in events and how to keep its best people from drowning when the going gets tough.

But there are simple measure we can all put in place which really do help. So we at Meet & Potato implore anyone feeling the pressure, to do what we advocate most, which is to communicate.

As a live events and communications agency, exchanging thoughts, ideas and views is our lifeblood. Yet in M&P, it is not one way. Our MD’s open-door policy is indicative of our strong foundation and signifies the mutual respect that exists between our four walls. That’s not to say things don’t get stressful at times. They do. And as a small and still relatively new company, we are continually ironing out the details of best policy, practice and mandate in order to keep our people’s mental and physical health in good shape whilst delivering ever increasing client demands.

And that starts with talking about it. We know that we are supported with any issue we take to Jon, we know we will be listened to, acknowledged and helped. There is so much to be said for this in creating a secure environment for our team.

The Heads Together campaign launched by The Royals has done lots of work to promote the benefits of vocalising issues regarding mental health, and many celebrities endorsing the campaign have opened up publicly, sharing the benefits of talking. Professor Green, Alistair Campbell, Freddie Flintoff and Abbey Clancy are amongst them.

We commend everyone involved in tackling the issue of Mental Health and raising awareness to improve the support infrastructure going forward.

But in the meantime, let us state from experience that communication really is key. It’s time to talk. And time starts now.

Love M&P. X