Why Live Events are Perfect for Internal Comms

Just how effective are live events? It’s a good question, and one we’re always happy to chat to our clients about. Measurement is so important to justify budget spend. We always recommend a quantitative or qualitative survey so that we can measure Return on Objectives, so being clear on the key messages you need to communicate to your audience is key.

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From a live events agency perspective, the experience of working on an internal communication event from concept to fruition is an experience that teaches you why they are so effective after all. We thought we’d give a little insight to help you realise why live events are not only a worthwhile investment, but a fantastic idea!

  1. Firstly, a live event offers scope to disseminate information on a large scale. It might seem like a big expense bringing hundreds of people together but the opportunity of communicating key business messages directly to those who can help a business bring its strategy to reality, is unique. There is a chance to get feedback, encourage the audience to ask questions and feel part of things rather than dictated to. Engagement is proven to make people more effective.
  2. Of ultimate importance to any live event communication is the effect that delegates have in cascading that info back to their respective teams /organisations. The importance of effectively cascading the information learned at an event back to the wider team is key, and time spent ensuring the process for doing this is communicated effectively should always be one of the main objectives of every event.
  3. A live event is a perfect opportunity to break form routine and offer members of your team some work-related escapism. This can be to varying degrees, depending on the level of immersion that each event embraces, but regardless – breaking away from the day to day routine can do wonders for engaging creativity, stimulating imagination and generally raising morale.
  4. Traditionally, internal comms events give the exec team the opportunity to talk directly to their management team, which is a fantastic way of humanising those relationships. It is the nature of the beast, that execs sit in Head Offices making tough decisions, often becoming faceless. Creating an opportunity for execs to explain the ‘what, why and how’ of their strategy and ask for help in moving forward to a brighter future is invaluable.
  5. Internal communication events often have a very important objective, which is to celebrate. To celebrate the team and the company or organisation on a whole. To encourage people to let their hair down as a gesture of gratitude and good will, demonstrating that all the hard work that goes into each year is well and truly recognised and appreciated. That goes a very long way!

So, we propose, advise and encourage you to start thinking about your next internal comms event right now! But remember, objectives first please!


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