Living Life in Colour

It is officially Spring! And though the weather is doing its upmost to prove otherwise, nature is slowly but surely taking its course through the remnants of winter. If you take the time to look, you’ll see that the sky is a bit bluer, the grass is a bit greener and the buds on the trees are gradually turning pink as the nights lighten and the sun shines that bit brighter.

This is many people’s favourite time of year, as it’s when the world turns back into colour.

And colour has been at the top of our agenda recently, having just completed Holland & Barrett’s Hall of Fame event last week, which turned out to be one of the most fun projects of all time! Sixteen different teams, all wearing different coloured t-shirts, turning the venue into a technicolour dream. But it wasn’t just the visual aspect of colour that had an impact, but the fact that every delegate at the event was participating ‘colourfully’. Their energy, enthusiasm and passion was palpable, creating a visceral colour that underpinned the entire event.

And it was infectious. The energy seemed to sweep us all up and take us along with it. But stopping for a moment in the main room we looked around at our team and our extended crew and realised that it wasn’t their verve we were caught up in, but our own.

We are an agency that lives life in colour and as a result, we surround ourselves by likeminded people. Which is why we love our job so much! Our team is absolutely top notch and have the ability to make everything seem vivid and bright.

This spring, on the back of this conference, we realise that life is too short not to surround yourselves with people who turn life from monochrome to technicolour.

M&P. X

P.S. In the spirit of colour, we are addicted to this song at the moment: