London Grammar

Working in the events turns you into a critic. It’s a natural side effect! Whenever we go to any live performance (outside of our working lives), we just can’t leave the day job behind! Whether it’s a slight obsession with the look of the set and stage, the quality of the sound, or the use of AV and graphics, we just cant help ourselves. Even down to how well the performance is delivered. It’s not our fault…it’s in our blood!

So, at London Grammar’s live performance at the iconic Manchester Apollo last week, we were intrigued to see how they would bring the show to life. Powerful vocals and musical prowess go a long way, but more often than not these days, aren’t enough on their own.

Fortunately, we can safely say that we were suitably impressed with their theatrical show. The lighting and LED video graphics perfectly complemented the performance, producing a multitude of mesmerising backdrops. Accompanied by brilliant musicianship, the result really was spine-tingling.

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However, all London Grammar fans know, that what really sets this gig apart, awing the crowd before them, is the performance of the three, young musicians stood on stage. Not least, the powerful and captivating voice of Hannah Reid.

Listening to her open the show with an a capella rendition of ‘Rooting for You’ was almost a religious experience, her voice so mighty, it overwhelmed the room. During her silences, you could hear a pin drop: the crowd, utterly transfixed.

It struck us throughout the performance, that despite the beautiful set and stage and the clever use of lighting, the reason the entire audience was undeniably hypnotised, was because the band were bearing their soul on stage. The content, in this sense, was doing all the talking.

The lyrics to London Grammar’s songs are touching, moving, relevant, and honest, which is ultimately why they’re so compelling. We, as an agency, talk a lot about honesty, authenticity and humility and this band has that in abundance.

After watching their performance this week, we’ll also start reminding ourselves of just how far grace and vulnerability can go when trying to reach an audience.

London Grammar – thank you for confirming that Truth is a Beautiful Thing.

M&P. Xx