World of Wallies

There is no doubt that we’re good at our jobs. When it comes to events, our clients are in safe hands! Organised, efficient, professional and capable are just some of the words that clients might use to describe us – descriptions we pride ourselves on! Fair to say that in the world of work, each and every one of us is completely ‘all over it’.

However, when it comes to our personal lives we’re a jumble sale of daftness. We couldn’t reveal all of our secrets but here’s a bit of an insight into our world of wallies…

Starting with Christina, who despite her many talents, never, ever has her purse with her. Or any means of paying for anything. She definitely isn’t tight – so that’s not the reason. We think it’s a habit she’s gotten into from work so she doesn’t have to reconcile her accounts. Or maybe it’s because she can’t see it to pick it up as she NEVER has her glasses with her either. So getting in the car with her is always fun… She can probably blame one of her worst offences on this too; turning up to a site visit with a client wearing odd shoes. One black boot and one brown boot! She hasn’t lived that one down.

Those of you who know Laura know what a fantastic event producer she is, but every now and again we wonder how, as she never seems to have a clue what’s going on. Her preferred past time is trying to find out but she rarely fully grasps it. Guaranteed, Laura is last out the office for any social occasion saying ‘What’s going on? Where are we going?’ We think it’s cute…!

Emma, a fantastic a mother of two children, is somehow always forgetting Friday bakes at school. At least four times a year, Em sends pictures of herself in her apron at 11pm on a Thursday, wine in hand trying to get the latest round of cupcakes finished for the morning. Better that than her forgetting to send her kids to school without lunch though eh? Of course she wouldn’t do that…

Yet, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. So time for confession from me (Becca) – officially a logistical nightmare! Keeping EasyJet and Virgin Rail in business with the amount of missed flights, and incorrect bookings  (I managed to misspell my own name), has become a hobby. And getting myself back from France without a passport is now considered a personal achievement! Of course, my mechanic is also kept in business by the sheer number of flat batteries and flat tyres I have managed to accumulate in the short time I’ve owned my car. The record was three flat tyres in one month. One month!

Karen is mostly infallible and unquestionably the boss of life. Until it comes to her dog Brinkley – who has her wrapped around his left paw! A comedy duo wherever they go with Brinkley ultimately calling the shots. Karen’s only bargaining tool – cooked chicken – is the sole thing that has him come running.

Greg is utterly clumsy, having fallen off the stage during a live event we have to keep a close eye on him at all times now. We considered getting him a walking stick for his latest birthday but thought that a step too far!

And Kate, who usually knows something about everything is absolutely rubbish when it comes to slang and lingo. It’s sometimes like working with your nan, having to update her on street talk. Down with the kids she is not! For which we blame her resistance to social media. How else are we supposed to stay young if it isn’t Facebook stalking our younger cousins?

Surprisingly – the youngest amongst us, our lovely Sophie, seems to be the least mad. Maybe daftness is something that you grow back into? That said, give her a bottle of wine and she’ll fight you for the title.

And then we get to Jon. Who is pretty much held to ransom with the amount of stories we have on him. But we couldn’t possibly divulge all our secrets now could we now?

P.S. I do take bribes!