Potatoes, Meet Holly

dunelm, holly willoughby, itv, event agency, communication agency

Every now and again you get a brief for a job which puts a massive smile on your face; you can’t quite believe your luck!

Receiving the brief from Dunelm, to film Holly Willoughby for one of their in-store TV ads, was definitely one of those moments.

We have a great relationship with Dunelm, having worked with them for over five years in producing their ever-impressive annual conference. Over the years however, we have begun to collaborate with them on a variety of different projects; producing their in-store TV being one of them.

For the past year we have worked closely with Dunelm to produce videos in line with their design and branding to really showcase their product for promotion in-store. It has been a great success story so far and a project that we love to work on at the best of times.

Then along came Holly!

Holly has partnered with Dunelm to launch a range of bedding, some, unique to the store. The bedding design is delicate, floral and elegant, yet it is practical and affordable, so very appealing to a range of Dunelm clientele. It feels like a very organic collaboration.

dunelm, holly willoughby, itv, event agency, communication agency

We can now attest to Holly’s loveliness on and off-air. She was an absolute pro to film, as you’d imagine, was charming, friendly and fun. We only wish every filming day was that simple. And we also, secretly, wish that Phil had popped his head in too! You know us – always up for a laugh!

So, thanks to Holly and Dunelm for giving us a Thursday to remember and keeping up appearances.