and its many virtues

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When it comes to events, often the old adage of ‘keep things simple’ or ‘less is more’ isn’t relevant, as we strive to create environments that are bigger, better and bolder than before. This weeks blog post discusses how event technology is now more and more prevalent is delivering highly creative and interactive environments.

Using event technology, it is often hard to achieve these all-encompassing, immersive environments if the thinking behind it has been simple or basic. Yet regardless of how complexly creative an event may have been built or designed, the need for simple methods of delivery is not yet redundant. Especially when it comes to communication we feel – often the simpler, the better as this blog will show. So with that, please let us extol the virtues of!

Having used it for the past year on pretty much all of our events – we are its biggest fans. Not least, because it is so easy to use.

An audience engagement platform that brings a unique method of interactivity to Q&A session, in real-time, throughout the event. It can be accessed by web browser, so doesn’t need to be downloaded as an app – which is beneficial to the less tech savvy amongst your audience.

Crowdsourcing answers to ensure that the most popular asked are bumped up to the top is extremely beneficial in creating audience satisfaction and instilling a sense of inclusivity to the event. Yet for the more contentious issues, there is a function to moderate the questions made visible – to avoid any awkward moments or Q&A blunders.

It has the capability to poll, create word-alls, and provide stats on the questions submitted which is all extremely useful during and post-event. And better still, they’re always innovating so there’s bound to be much more to come. It’s like they think of stuff before we even know we need it; much like an event organiser…

The best and most ingenious function at the moment, is that you don’t need to have a separate screen to run it by, using a switcher and a separate techy sat in crew control (which all costs money)! Now, you as event organiser, runner or even client (although we’re not sure we are quite comfortable on delegating that level of responsibility to any of our clients yet…you know what they’re like!) can be sat in the audience, ready and waiting to toggle on to the screen before you. Just like magic.

And it really is as simple as that! It took us a while to get on board with that, we couldn’t accept that there wasn’t a catch. But not even the invoice put us off as relatively speaking it’s cheap as chips.

So here we are – keeping things simple with!

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