The Thing About Event Awards

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Awards season is imminent. We’ve spent every spare moment over the past couple of months writing up our nominations for the selection of industry specialist awards that we enter our live events into. With last year’s sensational achievements still large in our minds, winning nationally with UK Conference of the Year at C&IT Awards, as well as Conference UK at the EvCom Awards, and locally with Best Creative Business at Merseyside Independent Business Awards, plus the honourable Strive Award for Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Awards; we have a lot to live up to. But still, we have high hopes for this year.


We must admit that we have a love-hate relationship with these event awards as most of us are humbler in nature than self-nominating might lead you to believe. Our natural tendency (Jon aside), is to shy away from the spotlight, keep our heads down, work hard and do a great job, at the end, receiving whichever measure of gratitude our clients extend to us. We didn’t really think that glory hunting was our bag. However, that was then!


Despite an awkward sense of self-aggrandisement, we applied for as many awards as possible last year, having reached a stage in our event agency’s journey where we felt credible enough to do so. What we didn’t expect, however, was to win! Yet when the host called our name for the very first win at C&IT Awards, the whole team jumped for joy. Becca and Jon were down at the ceremony and the rest of the team, glued to twitter awaiting the results back home, were with them in spirit. The sense of gratification, satisfaction and pride was palpable amongst the team and that feeling lasted long after the win.


awards, event, event agency, liverpool


That’s the thing about these awards, the marketing and press coverage that’s achieved by entering them, hopefully being shortlisted and ultimately getting placed if you should be so lucky, is worth every second spent on the submissions. But in reality, the more important outcome is the boost in morale that the team receives in being recognised on a celebrated platform, for their hard work and commitment to doing a great job. That feeling is second to none.


Now somewhat seasoned in writing awards copy, we don’t feel quite so self-conscious about nominating ourselves anymore. Now we understand that self-congratulation is one of the most important forms of praise you receive as an agency. We’re all very aware of industry news and know when one of our competitors have delivered a fantastic event, more often than not, commending them accordingly. So why shouldn’t we afford ourselves the same grace?


We would be playing the fool if we said that we aren’t an award worthy agency this year. Wish us luck and watch this space.


M&P. x