The Unlimited Benefits of Delivering Internal Corporate Events

“What’s the point?” “It’s a lot of money.” “We don’t do things that way here.”…We’ve heard all sorts of reasons not to invest in an internal corporate event, and trying to convince those with misconceptions about how valuable it can be, is often a difficult task.

Trust us though, once you hear what we have to say, you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it!

We all know how it feels to  wonder what the ‘powers that be’ do all day. Or reversely, you’re one of the ‘top dogs’ but you aren’t quite sure that your customer-facing employees completely ‘get’ what it is that the brand represents and how that should be reflected in customer service.

Well have a read and see how internal corporate events can really boost your business and deliver a fantastic return on your communication objectives.

1. Communicates to a Large Audience

It’s extremely difficult to communicate key messages to the masses, unless by email or social media. And in today’s world, we’re saturated by both.

Moreover, sometimes the right message just will not be conveyed without the added value of face-to-face interaction.

A corporate event provides a platform from which employers can communicate specific messages right to the heart of the company.

2. Improves Brand Awareness

Bringing your team together will help to deliver an organisational commitment to a cause and allow for employees at any level to feel that the company has empowered them to be a brand advocate. Really getting behind the brand and understanding the brand values, will help improve the chances of employees bringing that brand to life.

It is important for employees to realise how their personal role affects the brand identity. Sending an email won’t quite have the same effect.

3. Creates Engagement

Being engaged ultimately means to be emotionally invested – whichever way you look at it.

This investment is born out of being inspired, moved, motivated, thrilled, excited or awe-struck. It comes from discussion, participation, interaction and stimulation.

It comes from being immersed. From having your senses being piqued. It comes from feeling part of something, belonging to a time or a space; a group or a company. It comes from events.

4. Boosts Morale

Everybody loves an away day. It takes the monotony out of a week and it creates a sense of intrigue. If you can turn that intrigue into excitement, then you’re on to a winner. A good internal corporate event will do this. If your event is fun and well executed then delegates will leave feeling informed and involved. This in turn has a positive effect on morale, which is thought to improve efficiency and decrease error.  Moreover, an event like this can help garner a sense of equality amongst a workforce which can be key to job satisfaction.

5. Shows Appreciation

A company is only as good as those who work for it. Having employees who feel valued and appreciated is key. Above all else, this is where corporate events can really be of benefit. Showing gratitude towards and appreciation of staff is necessary for any company. A corporate event can be designed solely around saying thank you and whilst this is important enough as an individual point, it is also good to know that it can simultaneously inspire and motivate, which goes a long way in improving productivity.

Thought by some as an unnecessary expense, we can assure you that the return on your communication objectives following an event is always positive.  You’ll see your teams motivated and inspired to help you achieve your business goals.

Here at M&P we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We know how to gather a workforce and engage them with your brand. We have the production prowess, the content gurus and the creative know-how to make it a success that your employees will be talking about for weeks afterwards.

Contact us today to find out how you can turn your annual conference into the event of the year.

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