A year as a Potato and an open letter to my colleagues

As the year comes to a close, we want to wish all our friends, old and new, a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

But one of our friends had a message for us to end this year on – and we thought it only right to share that too. So here’s a note from guest blogger and all round superstar, Ros…

“2018 was such an exciting year for me. Having long worked with Meet & Potato as a client, last January I joined them as a colleague!

It was a big challenge as it was a new role both for myself and for the company, but thanks to a lovely, welcoming team it was made much easier!

Working with Meet & Potato for the past year has taught me a lot about agency life and being on the other side of events in this last year, having previously worked at a national venue.

What I have learnt from a personal perspective has been invaluable but two things in particular really stand out to me. Firstly, how extremely hard the team work for their clients. Blood, sweat and tears go into very long days in the run up to an event in order to make sure everything is in order. It’s no surprise that the resulting event runs like clockwork, which I’m positive is why M&P clients stick around!

I’m sure that most production agencies work long hours for their clients, it’s the nature of the beast, but what strikes me about M&P, and the thing that I think makes them different, is the resounding sense of teamwork that they show.  Even under extreme stress they are kind and respectful to each other, always looking out for their team mates.

The second thing I’ve learnt from them this year,  or has been reinforced at least as I’ve long believed it, is that you shouldn’t underestimate the power of being nice! It really does get the best out of people and if you’re surrounded by positive energy it makes things just that bit easier!

On that note I want to say a huge thank you to my lovely colleagues for a fab year and for making me feel so welcome. It’s been tough at times as all new challenges are, but you have had my back all the way. Even now, when I’m moving on to a new challenge, you still have; amazing, lovely, supportive bunch that you are.

Yes, that’s right, my time as a Potato has come to an end as an unexpected turn in my own career has presented me with an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. So, I say a tearful goodbye to my chums but I’m so happy to have worked with them all!

I know that they have a really busy and exciting 2019 ahead too, so we all end this year on a positive note!

Lucky for me, they now go back to being my clients so plenty of excuses to keep in touch…not that we need them!

Merry Christmas Potatoes! Thanks for having me – onwards and upwards for all of us. Xx”