Create an identity with strong design

Design & branding creates an identity for the entire communication. From a simple but clever conference identity, to a fully themed event, design and branding provides the creative hook upon which everything hangs. Strong brand design ensures a creative consistency to all communications and the live event environment.

Whatever the preferred channel of communication, we can create an amazing look and feel over a wide variety of media. We see ourselves as brand guardians for our clients and our design team get excited about delivering a brief. Whether it’s on or off-line, we consider the guidelines, values, and tone of voice to make sure everything we put forward feels right and looks great!

A well-developed identity lives on long after the event, playing a lead role in post-event communication. With in-house design services, our clients regularly brief us on work outside of the live event arena.

Know your audience

People should feel personally connected to brand communications, it’s vital in getting them to feel committed, so it’s important that we clearly understand who the communication is aimed at. Knowing the audience, how they think and feel, helps create a visual identity they will recognise and embrace.

We’re really proud of the huge variety of ways we’ve found to bring brands to life. The whole team loves to get involved, getting under the skin of the communication in order to design a suite of creative that works across a live communication, print, online, social media and video. You let us know your message and we’ll provide you with some stunning creative for it!

Tell us what you need and we’ll get creative.