Events create a sense of wonder

We make magic by taking people out of the everyday and temporarily placing them in an alternate reality. More than just a set and stage, live events are all about building a creative environment around a brand’s core message. Our events capture the imagination, ensuring all attention is focused on the story we want to tell. Creative production brings it all together with a space cleverly designed to fully immerse the audience in the brand story.

Give them a brilliant experience

Your audience are the people who realise the brand ambition and bring it to life, so our primary objective is giving them the best experience possible. It’s not just about communication, it’s about inspiration! The depth to which the audience understands the how and why behind the story will influence the strength of their connection to it. We think about all the little details that come together to make something momentous.

Create a lasting impression

Anyone who’s experienced a live event with others knows how deep the shared emotional connection can be. The memories last long after the event is over. By connecting and interacting with the brand story, the audience feels inspired to understand their role within it. An invitation to participate instead of simply spectating encourages brand loyalty, makes the experience truly memorable and encourages people to take action – improving the return on investment.

What makes the perfect live event?

One you don’t have to organise all by yourself! At Meet & Potato we thrive on the pressure and we’re always up for a challenge. Our objective is to make our clients’ lives easier and our delegates’ experience inspirational. We see our client collaborations as partnerships, we are an extension of your team. We take away all the pressure and give you all the glory. Clients come back to us year after year so we must be doing a great job! We think it’s something to do with our values – we take our work seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously, and that’s what makes the experience of working with our award-wining team such an enjoyable one.

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