Stronger Together

A Virtual Seminar

View from behind the video camera showing presenters on stage live hosting a virtual seminar
View of the crew control video screens behind the scenes of a virtual seminar
View from behind the video camera showing presenters on stage live hosting a virtual seminar

We're in This Together

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, Dunelm wanted to hold a virtual seminar to reunite colleagues working from home and reflect on their experiences, share learnings and present the brand vision to drive future growth. They hoped the key message, ‘We’re in this Together’ could be realised in a creative and unifying experience that celebrated local heroes. More importantly, delegates needed to feel reconnected to the Dunelm brand and walk away from the experience not with a list of actions but a shared sense of responsibility.

We were tasked with empowering the team to feel confident in their commitment to do the right thing by colleagues and customers by engaging each and every delegate with an interesting mix of informative, thought-provoking and entertaining content. The event identity, ‘Stronger Together’ issued a positive message unifying the Dunelm family, its stores, and distribution centres.


Exploring a hybrid approach to delivering this 3-day event gave us the flexibility to pre-record creative video content in support of the live broadcast. It took the pressure off presenters and ensured we retained audience engagement throughout.

Creative Content

Working closely with the Dunelm team, we structured the virtual seminar in much the same way as a typical live event. However, 16 videos replaced the main plenary bringing the brand plan to life with key business messages around finance, operations, delivery, sustainability, digital and customer, alongside a stunning product showcase.


Shot over 8-days, our video production team then edited 28 videos (including the hilarious blooper reel at the top of this page) together with motion graphics to deliver almost 3-hours of content in support of the live broadcast.

Each pre-recorded segment was introduced by a live presenter broadcasting direct from the studio and ended with live audience Q&A sessions to encourage participation and promote a much deeper level of engagement. Smaller breakout groups had the freedom to participate in discussions around topics most relevant to them, choosing from a packed agenda of 9 ‘Discovery’ sessions. Post-event, the full seminar programme was available for everyone to view at their leisure in an online content cascade.

Taking the Studio on Location

Our tech team transformed the boardroom at Dunelm HQ into a professional broadcast studio hub, complete with stage set, cameras, lighting, sound and vision mixing. We managed the live event feed seamlessly switching between presenters, audience engagement platforms, and recorded content.


The third and final day was all about celebrating and having fun. To build some pre-event excitement, all delegates received a bespoke goody-box delivered directly to their door. It contained the seminar agenda, treats and snacks to enjoy while viewing, plus a few unexpected surprises.

Ahead of an awards ceremony to recognise and reward key colleagues and suppliers, delegates enjoyed a touch of mind magic and visual illusion in a live performance from the studio. And to wrap the event, the improv group, The Noise Next Door involved the audience in a hilarious interactive comedy finale.