Dunelm TV

The Storyboard

Dunelm are a long-standing client of Meet & Potato, and one we have worked alongside since the very early days of our agency’s existence. Initially, we collaborated with Dunelm to produce their annual Managers’ Seminar which grew in size, format and creativity each year, becoming more and more inspirational for delegates. On the back of the success of these conferences, and with particular appreciation for the quality of our video work, Dunelm recognised that our creativity could be extended beyond the live events sphere and came to us with an entirely new proposition: Did we want to be involved in producing their in-store TV ads? Unsurprisingly, our answer was an unequivocal Yes!

Prior to this, our VT repertoire as an agency had been almost solely events related, so although this wasn’t new to us as event professionals, it was new to the company as a separate service offering, but was an opportunity to be jumped at.  And so, we put our creative heads together to work out the best plan of action.

The Creative

Effectively Dunelm’s brief was to showcase product, but what was most exciting was that they wanted to move away from the traditional methods of demonstration. Music to our ears! The challenge was finding a compromise between demonstrating the features and benefits of the products whilst creating a video that felt current, aesthetically pleasing, and enjoyable to watch. So, we came up with a creative pitch using more conceptual, creative and subtle techniques to elevate the products. And Dunelm loved it!

Working alongside the client, we designed a graphic identity that we could apply to all videos (even those from external suppliers), thus creating a distinguishable suite of videos, in-line with Dunelm’s brand guidelines. The graphic ident is fun, whist still being slick, and the added sound effects really draw the customers’ attention when passing by in-store.

We also created a variation of the graphics which better suit some of the more premium products, giving the creative a little breathing space.

When producing these videos, we prioritise the features and benefits, constructing a script and storyboard around them to ensure that we are truly showcasing the product. Yet in-line with Dunelm’s brand, we make sure to do this in a friendly, down to earth and family-orientated way. Dunelm are branded as ‘The Home of Homes’ and it’s important to use that each video we produce is reflective of this sentiment.

We’re a resourceful bunch who understand our client’s budgets, so we aren’t opposed to going the extra mile to make sure that we deliver at a competitive rate. Whether that means bringing our own pets along to the shoots for the starring role, or appearing in front of, as well as behind the camera ourselves. Whatever the problem or the task, we come up with an answer and we get the job done. And we have a great time doing it.

Having worked together for so long now, we have a fantastic relationship with our client who trust us to deliver. This type of relationships ultimately means that we’re able to be more creative with our ideas, which in turn means they’re more satisfied with the outcome.

It’s a win-win situation.