Brighter Together

The brand challenge:

HFMA is the representative body for finance staff in the UK Healthcare sector. Supported by a strong branch network, they set the standard for financial management and corporate governance. With access to tailored educational programmes, HFMA also promote the personal and professional development of its membership.

A client since 2011, HFMA brief us to provide creative assistance and full technical production services for their annual conference. This flagship event welcomes 700+ delegates to engage in lively debate with guest speakers at panel sessions and presentations followed by a gala dinner and awards ceremony.


Deliver and engaging and informative conference with content that successfully explores the key strategy messages:

• Our NHS, your HFMA
• Brighter Together

Our solution:

By visually interpreting the key message, we brought the strategy to life with a strong event identity. Instantly recognizable, the bold work of our design team was carried through all conference communications to create a lasting impression and offer longevity beyond the live event.

With lots of corporate content to deliver, the HFMA directors were supported by our content team to script dynamic and engaging presentations. Animated graphics and video content were used to enliven the PowerPoint presentation deck and professional boxer, Nicola Adams added value by connecting directly with the audience as a special guest speaker.

The venue, a 1000 square metre exhibition hall, was rotated through a variety of space planning options during the conference including; main plenary, learning labs, and evening dinner, with our production team overseeing the seamless management between transitions.

The stage set and lighting design of the main plenary followed the established creative direction with the addition of pyrotechnics for the evening gala dinner.