Virtual Press Event

Launching the latest seasonal products

Bringing happiness through chocolate

Covid restrictions on live events did not prevent Hotel Chocolat from directly communicating the new seasonal product launches to their press audience.

A list of VIP invitees received an opulent branded box of treats along with a private link to attend the exclusive virtual event.

Viewers were taken on a unique journey of discovery from bean to bar. Starting on the lush tropical island of Saint Lucia where the cacao is ethically farmed and spanning the urban metropolises of London, New York, and Tokyo where the chocolate is sold.

The new Easter and Christmas product ranges were showcased with high-quality video production, creative editing, and bespoke motion graphics bringing the luxurious brand to life.

Our team filmed the personalities behind Hotel Chocolat, everyone from the CEO, to the sculptors and chocolatiers in the inventing rooms, chief designers and experts in sustainability. We cut the footage together with a mix of existing content and stock clips to create a lively and insightful brand story.