A live TV studio presenter stands on stage in front of a large LED screen background. On screen are several other presenters joining the live broadcast direct from their own homes. They are all shown interacting and conversing via the live studio link.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Which one is right for you?

A presenter in a TV studio, stands on stage, at a lectern in front of a large LED screen background. The screen shows other presnters joining the live broadcast remotely from their own homes.
A company director delivers a live broadcast event direct from a mobile TV studio set up in an office boardroom
Meet & Potato TV studio set up to pre-record video content for a virtual event. The presenters, Anthea Turner and Poundland retail director, Austin Cooke sit on a sofa surrounded by a film crew in the style of daytime TV shows.

Moving your live event online

We can help you navigate the pitfalls in moving the live experience to a virtual event online. Our aim is always to offer the easiest, most cost-effective and creative solution, that best suits your event strategy – nothing more, nothing less.

We’re experts in delivering exciting live experiences and creating engaging content whether it’s a live broadcast direct from our professional studio, pre-recorded content, or a hybrid of both. With full technical support, we can help you choose apps and platform with the right functionality for your event needs – some promise the earth but don’t deliver and it’s just as easy to overspend on unnecessary add-ons. Every event is different so we’ll build a bespoke package solution best-suited to your requirements. We have your best interest at heart and take pride in making you look great!   

With a well-established, in-house video department we have for almost a decade been producing creative content for corporate clients. Everything from health & safety staff training and explainer videos, to launching new products and services, or broadcasting live interviews, panel discussions and audience Q&As for conferences – we’ve done it all.

Browse a few of our most recent case studies here:

Live Streaming

Future Focussed Finance, Value Makers Annual Conference.

This virtual conference from the finance sector of the NHS was broadcast live & direct from our studio in Manchester to hospital trusts across the country using a link to embedded content on the client’s website.

Virtual conference live studio broadcast set and stage, showing technical crew in foreground Overhead view of virtual conference set and stage with technical crew

Hosted by a live studio presenter, the 2-hour programme of engaging content included interviews and panel discussions with remote field experts from across the UK.


The audience was encouraged to participate in opinion polls and Q&A sessions using a dedicated event app. Bespoke designed PowerPoint slides and presentations were used in support of the content and the conference closed with a live awards ceremony culminating in an explosive finale of glitter and confetti canons.

Powerpoint slides in support of Virtual Value Makers Conference 4 mages showing a split between live stage presentations and supporting content on screen for virtual conference

Over 700 unique logins were recorded with a far greater final reach achieved from participating audience groups. The full online event is available to view here.

Pre-recorded Content

Good Morning Poundland.

This time we took the full studio kit out on location to the client’s head office where our technical crew totally transformed the space into a TV studio with several different stage sets.

Inspired by the daytime TV show, ‘This Morning’ Poundland’s retail director, Austin Cooke was joined on the sofa by celebrity presenter, Anthea Turner to co-host the 2-hour lifestyle show. The pacey programme consisted of company news and business updates, fun fashion features, food, health and wellbeing. In a totally unique twist on the corporate conference, we took the boring out of business by creatively communicating the brand message and cleverly featuring the brand product in all of our various stage sets.

34 unique videos were produced & edited together in one seamless show for an audience of thousands who were invited to watch via a private link to the dedicated URL.

Male and female TV presenters sat on sofa of professional TV studio set Professional studio set up shows cameras focussing on presenters sat on sofa

Hybrid Events

Dunelm ‘Stronger Together’

15 pre-recorded videos, each presented by a member of the Dunelm leadership team, were designed to showcase the latest product, company news and business updates, deliver the brand strategy and focus on future ambitions. These were seamlessly mixed with live presentations delivered across 3-days to an audience of employees working from home. As with all great movies, this one ended with a hilarious ‘blooper reel!’

Our technical team transformed the boardroom at Dunelm HQ into a makeshift studio complete with HD cameras, sound & vision mixing desks, lighting rig & full production crew.  Delegates interacted with live panel discussions, submitting questions via a dedicated event app & the final evening ended with a spectacular glittering awards ceremony.

Mersey Maritime

The Maritime Exchange.

Another of our hybrid events, this virtual conference from Mersey Maritime brought together a powerhouse of industry-leading experts and senior government ministers within the UK maritime sector. Turning the traditional conference on its head, the virtual format was a first for the organisation and very well received by their partners and sponsors. A total of 10 keynote speakers, the audience engagement app, plus panel discussions around mental health and wellbeing, technology and innovation, filled the busy conference agenda.